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Business owners are bombarded every day with solicitation trying to win your business and sorting through all of it is a job on its own. Sidekyk is here to make your life easier.

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Focus on Customers

Sidekyk helps you fight decision fatigue by bringing expertise in many industries, from telecommunications and payment processing to Saas and marketing. We have interviewed users, read through countless reviews, spoken with unbias experts, completed demos, product tours, & even made purchases, all so we can give you the most reliable information to help you run your business. Finally, you can focus less on finding the best solutions for your business and more on providing the best service to your customers.

Helping you get back to what is important.

Learn how Sidekyk helps you enhance your customer experience.

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Names you know 

We have reviewed some of the biggest names in business, so you can be confident in your vendors.

Services you need

Keep the competitive advantage by going through our categories to find new services you never even knew you needed. 


Information you can trust

Articles and reviews based on users experience and product functionality, not whose logo is on our paycheck.

Experience you will love

Find out which solution is truly the best for you, based on your needs. You can filter through products and services based on most common features in that category. 


Make the right decision faster

Services you need, brands you know,  information you can trust. Sidekyk helps you sort through what works and what doesn’t, so you can focus on your customers.


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No membership fees, no spam, no tricks. Simply use our site to quickly find software and services that work for your business.