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In today’s world, it is getting more and more difficult for small businesses to capture the attention of potential customers. Whether it is because of their larger marketing budgets or purchasing power that allows them to keep prices low, large corporations are taking larger portions of the market from small businesses. Because of this increased competition (and decreasing attention spans) it is getting more and more important for small businesses to” think outside the box” when it comes to marketing. Most savvy marketers will tell you, that as a small business you need to drive repeat business, and there is no better way than having a customer contact list. Of course, with the global pandemic still around, you may not have many customers who are coming into your location, but the ones who do can be seen as loyalists who you should absolutely know better! This is where WiFi marketing can be an amazing weapon to battle against fierce competition.

Understanding Your Customers

Read about our top 5 choices for WiFi marketing below, or search through the various WiFi marketing companies we have tested so far.

WiFi Marketing Can Be a Force Against Competition

What is WiFi marketing? Have you ever gone to a hotel, restaurant, or other retail establishment, and you had to “login” to their WiFi, by giving your email address or phone number? They were using WiFi Marketing. WiFi marketing is where you offer free WiFi to your guests, in exchange for some information about them, either their email, phone number, or social login. This simple interchange can lead to some MAJOR marketing opportunities for your small business, as a recent study showed that people prefer WiFi to Sex, Chocolate, and Booze. Some businesses using social WiFi have seen up to an 80% increase in customer loyalty and engagement. Other companies have reported a 500% increase in Facebook page likes. If these are numbers you would like to see with your small business, then keep reading to find the Top 5 WiFi marketing platforms for your small business.

The Main Factors

Choosing the right WiFi marketing platform is a vital first step to automatically creating a client list. Each of the following platforms has its own unique strengths and limitations, making them the best choice for various kinds of businesses. 

These are the main factors that you will want to look for when choosing your WiFi marketing platform.



The price of your WiFi marketing should be highly affordable.

Ease of Setup

You want your WiFi marketing to work out of the box, otherwise, you are less likely to use it.


Your WiFi marketing company should have the ability to integrate, or “talk” to the other software and platforms your business relies on.

Custom Service

No one wants to deal with a company that disappears when you need them most, especially when dealing with customer information.


The entire point of using WiFi marketing is to get data on your customers. Your WiFi marketing platform should turn that data into something actionable and easy to understand.

Best Overall WiFi Marketing Platform for Small Business.

BeamBox is the safest place to start if you are looking to get into WiFi marketing. I was honestly blown away by all the features and their ridiculously long trial period of a full 30 days. This allows you to really get a feel for if this type of marketing works for you. Plus you get 1 BeamBox (the actual device) for free with your purchase. Considering that most places of business will not need more than 3, this can really help you save money right upfront.  Pair this with the fact that BeamBox gives you almost every feature that all the other companies give you on this list, and BeamBox starts to run away from the competition. 


  •  Branded Splash pages with the ability to embed video
  • Social Media pages are integrated to grow your Facebook and Twitter Followers
  •  Integration with Zapier, Constant Contact, Aweber, Trip Advisor, and other platforms
  •  Ability to limit free time customer is on WiFi, then charge them for more (great for Hotels)
  •  Customer Demographics that include age, sex, birthday, last time visited, amount of times logged onto your WiFi, etc
  • Automated email messaging based on user behavior
  • Ability to send surveys to guests
  • Ability to export data

The downside to BeamBox?

As Much as BeamBox is great for people trying this out, there are definitely drawbacks to using this service, especially if you are familiar with a more enterprise service offering. 

  • No Free Tier- As great as their free trial is, not having a free tier seems like it is a missed opportunity that other companies capitalize on.
  • Not for stadiums or smart cities or anything enterprise- this solution really is designed for your traditional brick and mortar retail establishment. If you are in the restaurant or hospitality industry, then this is the solution for you.
  • No SMS Messaging- not every platform offers this, and customers can be reluctant to give out their mobile phone number, but for the ones that will, this is a huge opportunity that BeamBox doesn’t have the functionality to capture.

Simplest WiFi Marketing Platform for Small Business.

GoZone WiFi is the simplest option for WiFi marketing platforms. They do not have all of the robust features that some of the other providers on this list have (like heat maps, and demographic data down to the shoe size) but what the lack in features, they make up for in pure simplicity. With a dashboard, they can show you in less than 5 minutes, and a 2 plug system that gets you up and running in less than 5 minutes, GoZone Wifi gives your small business everything you need. Their prices are also a great starting point, as they offer 4 Tiers of pricing: Free, $25/month, $50/Month, $75/Month, for the platform, and just an extra $10 per month, per access point beyond the first. 

GoZone Wifi

GoZone WiFi

  •  Branded Splash pages 
  •  Integration with Zapier (on the highest tiered plan)
  • Ability to limit the amount of time guest is on WiFi
  •  Customer Demographics that include age, sex, birthday, last time visited, amount of times logged onto your WiFi, etc
  • Automated email, SMS messaging, and Tweets based on user behavior
  • Ability to filter data by days, weeks, and location
  • Ability to export Data
  • Live customer service M-F 9-5 EST, with a dedicated account manager (even on free plan)

The downside to GoZone WiFi?

As mentioned before, the only real downside to GoZone WiFi is it does not have some of the features that other platforms have, which could be a sticking point for some of the savviest small business marketers. But their straightforward pricing, no long term contracts, and dedicated support team, they are an amazing choice for businesses who are using WiFi marketing for the first time. If you do not want to be weighed down by too many features, then GoZone WiFi may be the best choice for you.

Best WiFi Marketing Platform for Small Businesses Who Use a CRM

Aislelabs is built for small businesses who already use, or want to use a CRM to keep track of their clients. Aislelabs not only integrates with SalesForce but also has their own CRM built-in, so you can keep track of everything about your clients, in an easy to read manner, giving you access to important data about your small business. If your business understands how important it is to keep track of your visitors, and $100 per month per access point is not too much for your budget, then you may want to look into Aislelabs for your WiFi marketing needs.


  • Heatmaps of where your visitors’ login
  •  Conversion funnels
  • Automated Social posts, SMS messages, and Paid Advertisement
  •  Customer Demographics that include age, sex, birthday, last time visited, amount of times logged onto your WiFi, etc
  • Personalize landing pages based on person’s profile.
  • Machine learning to help with marketing
  • Ability to export Data
  • SLA agreement

The downside of Aislelabs WiFi?

Aislelabs is an amazing solution built for the savvy marketer with a budget. $100/Month/AP may be a bit too expensive for some businesses, and therefore moves Aislelabs behind Purple in terms of overall best, but if that price doesn’t scare you, then Aislelabs is a great option. They do have a free plan, but the features are lite in comparison to Purple. 

Best WiFi Marketing Platform for Small Businesses Who Want to Email Blast:

Zenreach was designed with restaurants in mind. Then when they got a windfall of money (10’s of Millions) they decided they wanted to go after everyone else, and have since expanded their offerings to be more friendly to other small businesses. Because of their roots in restaurants though, they are a “household” name is the restaurant world, and have perfected the vertical. 



  • Email blasts to your clients based on filters, not just trigger-based
  • Automated  SMS messages, and emails
  •  Customer Demographics that include age, sex, birthday, last time visited, amount of times logged onto your WiFi, etc
  • Great Customer Support
  • Marketing Materials for your Business

Downside of Zenreach?

The downside to Zenreach is that they don’t offer some of the same features as others, to justify their pricing ($149/month/ap). Pair that with the fact that they have you sign a contract of at least 1 year (most cases 2) and it can become a costly stroke of the pen. That is not to say that they are not worth it to some businesses, but for most small businesses, the feature set does not justify the cost or commitment. The other downside to Zenreach is you do not have the ability to export your data, which mean that they own it AND you can not sync with other software you may be using (could be a deal breaker) they offset this (kind of) by giving you most of the tools you need, right inside of the dashboard.

Best WiFi Marketing Platform for Small Businesses Who Heavily Rely on Yelp:

YelpWifi seems like the logical choice here, and honestly, they are. Yelp got into the WiFi marketing game when they acquired Wi-Fi marketing company Turnstyle for $20 Million in 2017. Since that time, Yelp has been using their name (and huge website) to try and convert many small businesses over to their WiFi marketing platform. They are the only WiFi marketing [a platform that integrates directly with Yelp (no Duh!) and that could be huge for many small businesses, who rely on Yelp for customer reviews, engagement, or (even worse) as a website.


  • Yelp Wifi offers the same basic features as everyone else on this list except the one HUGE advantage of syncing directly with Yelp

Downside of Yelp WiFi?

The biggest downsides to Yelp Wifi is they are the most expensive WiFi marketing platform on the list ($199/month/AP) and they do not offer some of the features of the others on the list. Unless you are relying heavily on Yelp, then it is hard to justify the costs. Of  course, if you do rely on Yelp, and you want to have less logins and less passwords to worry about, the Yelp for WiFi can be a great solution for your small business, really helping you drive reviews. 

Oh, The Possibilities.

Above, we just outlined 5 WiFi Marketing platforms for your small business. Implementing any one of these will do wonders for growing your customer list, engaging with your customers, and gathering data on your traffic, that you will wonder why you never thought of turning free WiFi into a marketing machine. Once you set up appropriate messages, triggered at the perfect time, you will start to see an ROI very quickly (especially if you started on a free plan!) Which of these platforms is best for your business, is largely up to your budget, the type of business you have, how tech-savvy you are, and what do you want to do with your data, but once you find a fit, it will be amazing for you and your customers!

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