Grow Your Business With Payment Processing

Customers love options! By having the wrong payment processor, you could be limiting their options, or even worse, forcing them into 1 option (Cash). The best payment processors feel like an extension of your business, not a liability. Use our expertise to find the best one for your business.

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We have become experts in payment processing so you don’t have too. Leverage our expertise so you can be confident that you are getting the best merchant services provider for your business. You no longer need to talk to countless salespeople about basis points and miscellaneous fees, we have your best interest in mind.

Why Let Sidekyk Help You?

After interviewing users, reading through countless reviews, speaking with unbias experts, completing demos, product tours, & even making purchases, we have sorted out what business owners truly want our of their payment processor. See some of the perks below..



No Contracts 

Our partners have agreed to ditch the contract, so you can have the freedom to choose which provider is best for you. No need to worry about early termination fees, because there is nothing to terminate. If the provider is not living up to your standards, then exercise your right to choose a better provider.

Low-Cost Terminals

We would love for that title to say “Free Terminal” (Which is the case most of the time), but rest assured, we do not mark-up our hardware prices! By working with us, we can leverage our buying power, and pass on the savings to you. P.S Do not lease equipment <– Free Advice.


Fair Pricing

We are not here to squeeze as much profit out of you as possible. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Some service providers wouldn’t even work with us, because they said our pricing was “too aggressive”, and we were “leaving money on the table”. We like to think of it as leaving money in your pocket.

No Funny Business

Some providers say “no contract”, but require you to sign a 3-year lease of equipment (So you’re stuck anyways). Other providers charge you fees for made-up reasons. There are some out there who advertise low rates, but never tell you how to achieve them, or worse, make it so you never will. We have established partnerships that remove all of that nonsense, so you can have peace of mind. 


Getting started is easy, and it’s free

No membership fees, no spam, no tricks. Simply use our site to quickly find software and services that work for your business.