Understand Your Customers  With a CRM

Having a deep understanding of your customers is the key to building a long-lasting (and profitable) relationship with them. Knowing what works, and what doesn’t, for your clients allows you to grow your business faster than you can imagine. Using a CRM allows you to manage your relationships, without having to worry about forgetting important information.

Agile CRM

We have become experts in CRMs’ so you don’t have too. Leverage our expertise so you can be confident that you are getting the best CRM for your business and customers. Many CRM features start to sound the same, stop trying to figure out which one works for your business, we have you covered.

Why Let Sidekyk Help You?

After interviewing users, reading through countless reviews, speaking with unbias experts, completing demos, product tours, & even making purchases, we have sorted out what business owners truly want our of their CRM. See some of the perks below..




Unfortunately, many businesses go with the top 2 or options, when it comes to a CRM, likely spending thousands more per year than necessary, or missing out on some important features that would help their business grow. There are many options, and we have enough experience to help you find the perfect CRM fit for you.

Leverage The Work of Others

By using Sidekyk, you will get to learn from other businesses, just like yours, who have successfully implemented a CRM for their business. Relationships are not just for large businesses, or enterprises, so neither should a customer relationship manager. We have found what works for various industries and will point you in the right direction for yours.


More than Sales

CRMs’ are not just for salespeople. They can be used for customer support as well. By letting us know how you currently interact with your customers, from sales to support, we can help you decide on a CRM that will act as the perfect admin, letting you know when you need to take action with specific customers. A great CRM integrates with other technology, acting as a centralized hub of your customers’ information.

Seemless Integration

 Empower your staff with knowledge of the customer, so they can provide a consistently excellent customer experience for your clients. By getting to know your clients, you will increase your referrals, improve your reputation, and build a loyal customer base. This is made easier when software is doing the heavy lifting.


Getting started is easy, and it’s free

No membership fees, no spam, no tricks. Simply use our site to quickly find software and services that work for your business.